Estate Planning - Wills
When you get married, have your first child, retire, or any other significant milestone in your life is reached, it is considered wise to draft a will or update your current will.
If you already have a will drafted for free by your generous banker, look to see if they are now nominated as executors, and consider the financial consequences this may have for your estate, and those you want to provide a future for. We will gladly draft your will and include an executor of your choice. This means that you can select someone that you trust, even though they may not have the necessary skills to execute your will. If your bank or some less scrupulous others drafted your current will and had themselves nominated as executors, they are likely going to charge your estate the full executors fees. If you select a family friend or family member that you trust, and give them powers of assumption, they can negotiate with a few lawyers to arrive at a fee structure that reflects their effort, not their greed.
Contact us should you wish to discuss how we can help you with a new will, or to make amendments to your existing will. We charge R1200.00 per will anywhere within South Africa.


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