Authentication of Documents
When documents that are (executed) within South Africa are going to be used outside of South Africa, they typically need to be Authenticated. Notaries are given the privilege of performing this function. As notaries, we can authenticate the documents, and provide a certificate and seal to evidence that we have performed this service.
Different procedures are followed after the Notary has issued the certificate, depending on the type of document that is being authenticated.
If the country in which this document will be used are signatories to the "convention de la Haye on 5 October 1961", the process is simpler, and faster, as they have agreed that all signatory countries may adopt a truncated process.
We charge R800.00 to authenticate documents, and an additional R1200.00 if you want us to attend on the High Court and Home Affairs Department to finalise the authentication. Should you need us to provide this service, please Contact us


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