Our firm specialises in all aspects of conveyancing i.e Registration of Transfers, Registration of Mortgage Bonds, Registration of Sub-divisions/Consolidations, Opening and registration of Township Registers, and the Opening and registration of Sectional Title Registers. Click HERE for more information

We specialise in providing professional and cost effective legal contracts for you. Our Managing Partner, who is qualified as an Attorney, Conveyancer & Notary Public, has almost 2 decades in legal drafting experience. Click HERE to read more.
R950.00 includes consultation; drafting of the agreement; notarising and registering at the deeds office. Consultations can also be done telephonically or via e-mail. A Power of Attorney will be prepared in this instance. There are no hidden costs. The only potential additional cost is R100.00 if you specifically choose to keep your Net Worth Private.
Before you say "I do"
Other Services
Weddings take months of planning, and mountains of effort. In the rush to get it all absolutely perfect for that special day, please remember that you need to have the Ante Nuptial contract Notarised before you say "I Do". To read more, please click HERE.
Our practice specialises in Conveyancing, Ante Nuptial Contracts, Wills, converting community of property regimes to Ante Nuptial Contracts and many more. We invite you to click HERE to access a full list of Conveyancing, Notarial and other legal services provided by our Practice.
Want to keep your Net Worth Private?
Same day service
For an ante nuptial contract with accrual, you will be asked to declare the value of your estate at the start of the marriage. This information is searchable by inquisitive relatives, friends, and less desirable others. We have a legal solution that will protect your privacy and your estate.
Are you stressed that you will not get your ante nuptial contract done in time for your wedding? We can wrap things up for you in one day. We are flexible and willing to assist after hours, and on public holidays at no extra charge if that is what it will take to get you out of a sticky situation. To expedite service delivery, click HERE or call our cell number for instant service.


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